Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Perfect Birthday

wake up to donuts.

blow out candle on donut.

eat donut.

go outside to find new bike.

ride new bike (appropriately named "miss behaving."

go to cracker barrell, the mall, the dollar store with your namesake.

obtain goodies.

receive package in the mail with more birthday goodies (thanks aunt saucie!).

get off schoolbus and eat cake.

open more goodies.

life is good, and if you're six, this is the PERFECT birthday!

We love you Isabelle the Mae - how did you grow so fast?

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

So here are a few more samples of my collection. Looking back at these faces - I remember the day I took the pictures, the fun, the smiles...

Check out little baby Henry up above - we LOVE him so much and are so lucky we still get to see this little guy when we visit Ohio.

Portfolio Sample

Here are some samples from the portfolio. Debra - I know some are not family, but thought I'd throw them out and you can decide for what you need. Okay - enjoy all!