Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mom...Mom....Mom....STOP CALLING ME THAT!

Trying to get ready to leave town - a conversation with my ever-loving-hardly-around husband earlier tonight.

So what are our travel plans for Friday?

NJ from the other room: "Mom...Mom...Mom...these are the Scooby Doo books that Grandma gave me last time I was in Mitchigan and..."

Can we have a decision if it's the green van or the Honda by noon on Thursday so I can get ready?

RM: "...because God was giving the trees and the grass and the garden more water. And the flowers. Mommy, that's why the rain is out..."

What difference does it make?

BN and her friend BL in the other room just being loud.

Because I want to be packed and ready Thursday. Everything in the car except the people!

NC: "Mom, you know we practice too much. Three times a week is just too much for a nine year-old..."

Not sure why you care. I'm the one who will load the car.

NJ from chair..."Mommy, and I want to sleep on the top bunk..."

I'm the one who packs and if we have to put it all in the cartop carrier, it matters.

RM from table..."and I can color if I want to. He's not the boss of me..."

You will come home from Nathan's practice and be too tired...

BN..."Mommy, um, not at the door, but in my room she was asking to stay for dinner..."

I will not.

IM "Mommy....OOOOWWWE (fake crying). I pinched my finger in the door..."

NJ: "Mommy, what is this? Do we have the Leder, Leadster, Leapster still?"

Whatever, I'm just saying that if we are ready Thursday nite...

RM "I don't know where the super hero went. I think it went back in the cabinet. Mommy, I want the princess book..."

Okay. You just let me know when it is convenient for you and I will get it done. I'm the wife. That's what I do.

RM: Mommy, he gets to play Leapster??"
NJ: "Yes, she said I could. It's not your turn."
RM "Mommy...am I doing good choices?"

Are we still planning on coming home Sunday afternoon?

IM: "Mommy, she won't help me clean..."

I'll make sure *** can keep the dog until then.

IM: "Mommy, what kind of train sneezes? A choo choo train. Get it? A choo choo train."

RM: "Mommy, and I doing good choices?

I love you honey and you drive me nuts.

RM: "Mommy, am I doing good choices?"

Yes. You are doing good choices.


Welcome to my world. :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Mom Song

You have to listen, laugh, and maybe even pee! (sorry to those who haven't had children - those who have, understand that last part!)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Snow ...

Okay - so some day my kids are going to talk about how mom would go into these rages of "I must take a picture and I must take it right now!". The other day was one of those. It was snowing great big flakes and I had seen an image that inspired me. So, we went to the backyard and took some pics. I think they had fun and hey - they got a sucker out of the deal!