Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kindergarten Field Day

First - I KNOW I should be blogging about Riley's birthday first, and a few other "May" events that have occured. May is crazy busy around here! However, I can't decide which pictures to share of her yet - so that will come.

For today's entertainment...we have kindergarten field day! The fau-hawk is my new favorite. Mrs. Cockrell gave Nicholas this amazing hair glue that is even water resistant! It could pour on this kid and his hair wouldn't move! He was very aerodynamic for field day.
Game face baby. Most of the events were relays between 3 classes...not sure where Team Pink finished...but they were a riot to watch!

Push through the pain, baby. Push on through. Oh my his hair is stinkin' cute.
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mae in May

(found this one from last year...)

Happy birthday Isabelle the Mae!

May is a big month around here. Six people who are dear and near to our hearts have late May birthdays...two of them right here in our own house!

You guessed it - she's eight!

Our good friend Cooper G has a birthday right in between Isabelle and Rye - and it is becoming a tradition for us to celebrate with the year's first dip in the pool and cupcakes! Great times and great friends. Aaahhh. Good stuff.

Eight years ago Chris was working in Ohio during the week, and traveling home on weekends to see his wife and three kids. We lived about six months like that - during that time my Isabelle the Mae was born. We still lived in our "tiny" house. Bailey was 3, Nathan was 2. I had just become a don't-have-to-drive-to-work-every-morning mom and we were transitioning to our new home and new life in Columbus Ohio. It was a busy, busy time. Isabelle and I used to share many early morning hours together. It seemed to be the only time her little head wasn't turning red from all of the screaming. Yes, she was a screamer. She hated the car. Hated the bed. Hated the swing. We resorted to a carseat on top of a running dryer many a day just to try to calm her. I'm convinced that she was a grown person born into a little body and she was trying to let us know how much she didn't care for that.

We haven't had to put her on the dryer for quite some time. Love that kid. She's going to be a leader some day - just watch!
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It's Official..

I have no more preschoolers. They kicked her out.
Just kidding - but if I wasn't paying them weekly, and if her best friend wasn't a teacher's daughter - they might have considered it by now!

My girl has been promoted to kindergarten. Sigh. Our world is about to change again!
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Monday, May 11, 2009

IHeartFaces *laugh* Adult entry

This shot isn't perfect in a technical sort of way. It's not even close. It bothers me that one of the guys' back sort of draws your eye. What I do love about it is the other three that are just laughing their faces off. It was a wedding (groom on right) and they had just pulled off some sort of prank during the garter toss. They were having a great time to say the least. - more laughs there!
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IheartFaces * Laugh week!

First, I have to say that Ree Drummond - THE Ree Drummond is going to judge the pictures at I Heart Faces this Week. She might actually look at something I shot! eeek!

Now, I spent literally hours neglecting my normal duties last night so I could look through the photos that I have stored on my computer. That's another story all together...because it probably wouldn't have taken hours if I didn't have so many on there. My hampsters are running slowly these days.

Do I go with the 3 girls laughing their faces off while I tried to get one nice shot of them? How about the boys running off the ball field just giggling together with glee? Oh - how about the one of Great Grandma Layton with her arm thrown up in the air and her head thrown back...she wanted her portrait taken and the kids stood behind me and made her laugh! Might put that in a post later just because. Lots and lots and lots of laughing shots I have. I kept coming back to sweet baby M. He belongs to my neighbor and we were lucky enough to keep him for a few months when he was an infant. I loved his rolls. His cheeks. His all consuming belly laugh - look at the kid! He makes my insides flip and my baby-longing comes back everytime I see that smile.

Anyway - enough baby oozing. There are many other *laugh* entries at Good idea to check them out on a Monday! Oh - go check out as well - you can't imagine how funny that girl is! She is living the dream in the middle of cows, kids, and her Marbolo Man out west.
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

7th folder closest year.
22 picture.

This is one in a series. We were trying to get "the" Christmas card picture. Lots of fun that day.
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Down and Ready

He's a big kid now. He plays "real" baseball with the older kids. Bye-bye t-ball. Real hits. Real pitching. Real running. Real outs. He loves it. My favorite thing about the picture? The heel on his sock is half-way to his knee.
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Heart Faces - Hat Week Adult!

My pops. He lives in Northern Michigan and pushes snow all winter. This was during our visit at Christmastime. I love this picture of him - the beard, the hat, the smile.

More hat pictures at - you should check some out!
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Monday, May 4, 2009

I Heart Faces HAT WEEK!

So this week's theme - hats! I had so many to choose from. At this point I just need to pick one and go with it. I love Bay's eyes in this one...and her freckles...and her "are you taking another picture?" look. Anyway...

more hats at
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