Thursday, December 17, 2009

Homemade Cloth Baby Doll Diapers

I saw a template for these and HAD to try them right away. I have a little girl who will LOVE these come Christmas day!! Might come in handy with that baby that will be under the tree...the one that really wets!! Shhh...don't tell!
They are adjustable...long strip of velcro on the you can put them on tiny babies...
or bigger babies. How cute are these??
Super soft fleece on onse side and flannel on the other. Can't wait to see her use them. I made 6 - 3 large and 3 smaller. Now to make the changing pad to go along with them!
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Friday, December 11, 2009

Sweet Birthday Boy

First photo shoot at 4 days old. Our Christmas Card in 2002.

First birthday...
Look at his chunky super hero self!

Second birthday...
Third birthday...
How in the world? Really - he was just new, just fresh, just here. My sweet boy arrived on a snowy day in Ohio seven years ago today. He was the smallest of my babies, and the worst delivery story...but we'll save that for another time. We brought him home, put him in a manger, and took a Christmas card photo. The angel in that story was questionable...but again...another story for another time! I love that his name is Nicholas and he was born in December. He was actually due on Christmas Eve. His middle name, John, was in honor of my Grandpa - John Brown. He passed away two years before Nicholas was born. It still warms my heart when I say his name, and I know Grandpa Brown would have enjoyed his namesake. Nicholas was a sweet baby who never cried. He gently tolerated being passed from brother to sister to sister to sister and back again.
We've enjoyed getting to Nicholas so much and can't wait to see the man he continues to grow into. Nica began his birthday celebration today with cinnamon rolls and ...
A SIGNED t-shirt from the Cake Boss! Aunt Saucie Rocks!!

In this one he's say "Mi Familia" just like Buddy does in the intro to the show. So funny. He had a great start to his day. Happy birthday Nicholas John. We love you so much!
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