Monday, June 30, 2008

More Yummy

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Yummy pictures of my babies. We went out for some fun, pictures, and ice cream. Can you see the personality in these folks??

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our Dad Rocks

First, I just learned my camera takes pictures like this. It was not done on the computer - and I think it's so cool!!!
This year for father's day we sported some new "dad tats." So cool. Check out the guns on Nathan! All of that baseball is paying off for his right arm!
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

On Top of the World

Beautiful day. Beautiful boy.
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Holy Strawberry Batman!

We have had the tornado, the rains, the winds, the floods. Some strawberries survived...
including this grandaddy!!!
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Parents in Pain and Children in Need

Please pray for these families and all of those like them. This is an excerpt from the blog of Sinjin. He is fighting Burkitt's Lymphoma. His mom wrote this and it broke my heart. If you read it, really really read it, it will break yours too.

B+ Day 33 (33 days since bone marrow transplant)
I believe ...That you can keep going long after you think you can't.
I wanted to share the News Story that the Lampasas newspaper did on Sinjin
his is the link
Thank you Aunt Helen I got the package you sent with all the wonderful candles you make and soap and are sooo sweet. Thanks again!
I have posted new pictures here on CB.
Sinjin has once again slept most all day. He got up and walked for me 3 times today and then back to sleep. He is not eating or drinking much and he is having to take around 40 pills a day. Headaches are still there but not near as bad as they were. He got sick today after trying to eat one bowl of cereal. I just want my Sinjin back,,the witty fun kid I brought to this hospital. I told him today that the donor must not have a great sense of humor cause he seem to be loosing his and he looked at me and said "mama really listen! I have new bone marrow growing and thats alot of work and I need my rest and besides maybe my donor liked to sleep alot!" Oh ok so uh goodnight Bud? 'Goodnight mama, I luv's you, thanks for understanding...
Sinjin's Question of the Day: a General is a higher ranking officer than a Major, then why is a major illness worse than a general illness?
Thats a Fact Jack: The words 'racecar' and 'kayak' are the same whether they are read left to right or right to left
I want to tell you all about a sweet little girl named Harley who is two doors down from us that Sinjin is very fond of she will very soon have her transplant. Sinjin and I ask that you lift her and her mama in prayer. She has a care page, you will need to create a pasword and it's free here is the link ell her Sinjin sent ya with hugs.
On June 6th at 11:18pm her mother wrote
Today we learned that Harley's Transplant will be June 17, 2008 for sure and she now has 10% "blast" cells in her biopsy.Dr. said that Harley's chances are slim and that there is a 50% chance the Leukemia will come back. I also learned that after this there really is not much more they can do for her. It hurts so much I don't know if i can be strong for Harley. Everytime I look at her i cry I don't want to i just can't stop.Just looking at her i wonder am i gonna remember this day or did I take enough pictures. I wonder if she trully is happy.I need to know if I am doing everything I can.So we ask that you continue to Pray with us for Harley.OH GOD PLEASE DON'T TAKE MY BABY.
This post broke our hearts, I have sat and talked with Harley's mom Salina and she is so sweet and she is very afraid very much like I was a few weeks ago and still am. We sat and talked and cried telling one another our fears. She has other children at home that she only see's on rare occasions. Her family can't stay at the RMH because there are more than 4 of them and RMH only allows 4. The last time she was able to see them it cost well over $600.00 for her husband and other children to stay at a hotel plus eating out. She and Harley have been here since January. She's missed her baby at home's first steps and her son graduate from kindergarten and so much much more. My heart breaks for her. I remember the day her family came to visit and lil Harley saw her Dad he opened the door to her room and she ran to him screaming Daddy!!! Daddy!!! We watched her play with her brothers and sisters from the window of our room...lil Harley was the happiest little girl as we listened to her laughter. It is so hard being here... I had thought it would be great to be around other parents going through what we are but I find it is a double edged sword. The look you see on the parents faces as they smile and nod at you as we pass one another in the halls the sadness in their eyes. Third floor Cooks Childrens Hospital....the cancer floor. Little bald heads everywhere you look...a child crying so sick from chemo another child being carried or pulled in a wagon as parents try to sooth them. The child playing in the child life room to young to understand what's going on. The older child looks at you and catches your eye... they know whats going on they understand all to well. You see the fear in their see the hope. My stomach churns as I work my way to the elevator, I have to go outside my escape as I cross the street away from this place if only for a moment. I then pull myself together as I walk back toward the hospital. I enter the elevator push the button to the 3rd floor, the doors open I smile and nod as I walk back toward my life... my heart... the little bald head that waits for me in room 3017 my amazing son.
with unstoppable hope Sinjin's mama

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Big Dental Week!

What a big week! Isabelle the Mae FINALLY (got tricked into letting me pull her) I mean, lost her tooth, and Nathan got braces!! Isn't he handsome???
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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Which Riley am I speaking to?

The many faces of Riley. My baby is four. Hmmm.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Blackbelt for a Day

Anyone in the area who is thinking about having a martial arts birthday party --- talk to me!!! I HIGHLY recommend
Indy ATA Blackbelt Academy. Mrs. Parker is wonderful and really should charge more for her services. We had 10-13 kids at
any one time participating and the Ninja and Mrs. Parker were great. Isabelle even got to cut her cake with a real sword and
break her first board!!

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The Flood

So our yard usually gets a little standing water after a heavy rain. It was a HUGE amount of water this time. The kids are literally swimming in the yard - cannonballs and all! The sad part....our garden was completely under water for two days. We're still waiting to see if anything made it.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tornado Warning for Hancock County

We got rocked. First, I haven't heard any reports of serious injury. However, in driving through
Hancock County after the storms and tornado that went through here Friday night, there is
a distinct path of destruction. We saw miles of utility poles that looked like this -- hanging, bent, completely
torn down. Then there were thousands of trees just shorn off half-way up. There are houses that are
missing most of the upper level and countless barns and outbuildings severely damaged or just
missing! One poor farmer's barn was strewn for 3 fields across the country mile. What a powerful

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I love Four.

There is no way I could pull this look off.
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