Sunday, October 24, 2010

Senior Shoot

Man. This kid is amazing. I mean, really - I was in awe of him. He's focussed, he's driven, he's talented. What's not to love? He loves God first and foremost. He is blessed with musical talent..which I admire because I have NONE. He's an athlete. He says "yes M'am" and "yes, sir" to his parents. When I asked if things were okay with him, he deferred to his parents - but not in an "I don't know" or "I don't want to make a decision" sort of way. It was total respect. Seriously - this guy is a winner. He's going places. It was a total and complete joy to begin his senior pictures today...and I say "begin" because we got rained out. It stunk. I kept second guessing myself and wondering if we should have waited a little longer...but in the end the decision was made and I just had to go with it. We'll finish up soon - I hope! Here's a few of the shots we got today...I loved them. The location was incredible and like I said, this was a super fun family!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So we went out with the intention of taking some fabulous 'cousin' pictures for the Grandmas, for us, for whoever wanted them. It was raining all morning and had it been up to me, we would have totally bailed for another day. However, my oldest niece was insistent that WE COULD DO IT! So, we primped, coordinated, tee-heed, and then headed for an abandoned lumber yard and new secret place that runs under a bridge. Some of the children, who shall remain nameless, were less than cooperative. They ran off, stood in the rain run-off from the shelter, climbed on the dirt/mud piles around, and overall made it difficult to efficiently take pictures of 7 children. Oh, was it supposed to be efficient? Whatever...I had my vision of the perfect shoot! By the time we left for home, I was a bit discouraged and really didn't have that 'warm, fuzzy' feeling that I'd hoped for. However...when I loaded the pictures and checked them out...I was so pleased!! Those feelings of frustration and memories of herding cats (children) for those captures were fading as quickly as labor pains when you hold your newborn miracle. I love the pictures. They are very representative of WHO they are, which is the ENTIRE point anyway! Hope the Grandmas like them!