Saturday, August 23, 2008

Unexpected Turn of Events

Sometimes things just don't go as planned. Life is that way.

I begged. I pleaded. I even thought about crying. My husband still left. No, not left, left. Just left. See, he's got this biannual "boyfriend" trip as I've come to term it. Six grown men pour themselves into a van. They pack all of the necessitites (i.e., horshshoe set, corn hole, swimsuit, wife beaters (if you don't know what that is 1st consider yourself lucky and 2nd ask me)). Then they drive all night to a campground somewhere very far south of here, set up camp, hit the Shoney's, then back to the pool and shoe pit. They see a few Nascar races. They reverse the whole thing and come back home smelling oh so sweet and packing dirty clothes. Sounds like fun, I know.

I hate these weekends. Actually, it used to just be a weekend - now somehow it has stretched to departing on Wednesday evening. I thought my sweet Joe and I would sit and cuddle each other a few minutes before he left as we talked about how much we would miss each other. Perhaps fit in a few private minutes. You know - husbandly/wifely time. Right. Instead I was in the kitchen whipping up some fresh corn salsa he just knew his buddies would love.

Honey, where are my other shorts?

I don't know love, I washed all of your laundry in anticipation of this trip. They should be in the pile of folded laundry covering our dining room table or in your drawer. Kiss kiss.

Not there.

Try the dryer.

Here they...what's all over my shorts??

Couldn't tell from here - sort of chopping tomatoes for the salsa, honey!

I hope these aren't ruined!

They might be, sweetie.

What IS this?

Bring them over and I'll take a look while I boil the corn, love.

Smells like dried poo, sugar pie! Must have missed a deposit and it went through the wash! Guess you'll be living in your bathing suit this weekend.


Fun times. Anyway, he's gone. I'm a single parent of five. Sometimes six. For a few minutes it was eight. We have rotating kids around here.

Thought I'd catch up on laundry --- which is the first reason I was inspired to post today. See, my youngest started daycare (ack) and she has to take a small pillow and blanket for rest time. We had no "small" pillows so I called my mother-in-law. She has one of everything and six of others. Of Course she had one we could have. It was just the perfect size!! She received it from the hospital after she had her hysterectomy. She had her hysterectomy directly after my husband was born (as a result of his 10 pound self). My husband is close to 40 years-old. Anyway, thought I'd "freshen" up the pillow before I sent it with her. I made a new pillow case that was purple and just the right size and threw the pillow in the washer.

When I opened it up.....I saw the above-picture. Nice.

Life just never goes like you plan. More on that later.
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Friday, August 22, 2008

I can see her! I see Dora in the camera!
Can't you see her? She's right there...
Look really close!

Nice one, mom, you got us!
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Young Friendship

Torn away from the sandbox for a picinic.
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Happy 11th Birthday Bailey!!

It's been eleven years? Where I have I been? What have I been doing? How could this be?? Bailey has spread her birthday waaaay out. She had her friend Lexi spend the night. They chowed on pizza and brownies, watched a movie, and then out to Cracker Barrel for breakfast! THEN she got to go out for dinner, shopping, and sleep at Mamaw's! A few days later we had her "real" cake and another little friend came for that. Take a look at the little girl in green. Issues? To top it all off....she gets to go shopping with another friend and her mom tomorrow! What a life!
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Watch out ladies...

I am going on record and just letting you know that I will never say "no" to these eyes. :)
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Friday, August 15, 2008

1:30 update

Having a little quiet time while the babies sleep. Noggin is cool. Sweet WJ has been working out today! Check out those muscles.
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The Great TP!

This one might be perfect in every way too. He's simply yummy!
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Schooooools out for SUMMER!

Oh - that was just last week (or so it seemed). Indiana doesn't believe in summer break so we're actually back at school already! First day yesterday for all of the punks. Bailey went of to the Intermediate school in her own personal bus...daddy's car! Her bus comes at 6:30 AM --- you read that correctly, folks, 6:30 AM!!!! Nathan (4th), Isabelle (2nd), and my sweet Nica (K) all got to ride with me to school. Oh yeah - I went back, too! I took a job as the DIBELS Instructor for the K/1 at our school. I'm pretty psyched. Since my actual job doesn't start until after labor day, I spent the day helping a class of 14 boys and 4 girls adjust to their first day of (all-day) Kindergarten. Those teachers don't get paid nearly enough. Trust me!
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Friday, August 8, 2008


You know the scene if you have kids, have every been around kids, or know a kid. You pick up the phone and all BLEEP breaks out. I was trying to have a five minute conversation about a really cool party we're going to go to this weekend where we'll all have tons of fun and pig out on your typical party fare. As SOON as I begin talking to my friend, A, about three youngest go to screamin' and kickin' and fallin' out over a marble game. I send them to their rooms so I could finish in peace.

Phone call ends. I talk to the neighbor awhile. Fold some laundry. Call the punks out of their rooms and serve a snack.

Where's Nicholas?
I don't know.
Someone must have seen him. Go tell him his snack is ready.
He's not there.
What? Where could he be? Did he pack his little hanky full of arm men, tie it on the end of a stick, and make a break for it? I think not.

So I search. He's not in the room - although for all of the toys and junk lying about he could have been and I may have missed him. I look in all of the rooms, walk around the outside of the house. Check for his bike. Not in the car (thank goodness - it's hot out). Maybe I missed him on the first sweep through the trashed room. Look again. Not there.

Hmmm. Strange how the new "MP" (i.e. tiny radio with headphones that came for free with his new shirt - not a real MP3 player) was hanging out from under the bed.

There he is. Isn't he cute? Asleep with music blaring in his ears. But cute. By the way - the new shirt says, "My Mom Rocks!"
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Yummy

Gigi - I think you can right click to download these shots if you want.
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Come on, how cute is he?? I know the one is blurry - but it was so cute anyway.
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