Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to me...

Here is my totally awesome, ugly but cool, bike that my mom bought me for my birthday. Yes, my birthday is in June - but couldn't pass this treasure up! I intend to put it in the flower garden with a basket on the front - really cool moss and flowers hanging out of it. Check out the old fashioned kick-stand. The bell has a flower on it and still works - sort of! I think it used to be blue. How fun!!!

Isabelle was with me when I got it at the garage sale down the road. When I described it as "ugly and cool," she informed me that those words didn't match and I needed to chose ONE. How funny is she?

Oh, and I haggled and got this stool/seat thrown in. My grandma used to have one and I loved it growing up. So, now my kids have one! The seat folds up and they can stand on the stools under it.

Thanks, mom! Will update again when it has flowers growing from the handle bars!

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