Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Day of...

school, work, daycare...

Bailey (4th), Nathan (3rd), and Isabelle (1st) started their second year at Mt. Comfort Elementary School yesterday! Isabelle was up at 6:01 a.m. (approximately 1.5 hours earlier than needed) and was wide-eyed and ready to go! Nathan and Bailey were not nearly as excited with the idea of returning to school, but were still fairly cheerful.
One of picture that I love from when I was a kid was a "first day of school" picture. My youngest sister must have been about 2 or 3 and she insisted on standing in the picture with us big kids. She had on red pants, a purple shirt, and her hair was obviously that "went to bed wet" look. When the kids lined for pics Riley reminded me of that - thinking she was all big. I mean really - check out that grin! Nicholas went ahead and got his backpack, too. He starts preschool next week. Check back for pics!
Daddy has bus duty this year (along with Sam!) since on most days, mommy will actually be heading to work.
Yes, you read it here first. Christina is returning to a "normal" day job; at least for the time being. I got an offer from the law firm that I worked at before I got the promotion to full-time stay-at-home mom six years ago. Anyway...yesterday was my first day back as well. Other than trying to have conversations that didn't involve pull-ups, backpacks, or stories about what the kids did with ten minutes and a lot of imagination, it went fairly well.

So, will update again soon because today is BAILEY'S 10th BIRTHDAY~!~ I have sweet memories of ten years ago today. I was holding this amazing, perfect tiny person and introducting her to her mamaw and papaw, and a host of others. In between family and friends coming to meet her, I studied her dimpled hands and skinny little legs that still folded into that position they held for months in my womb. I drove the nurses nuts because I kept taking her hat off to look at her hair, and opening her blanket to peek at every little thing. She was amazing. A true miracle.

Happy Birthday Bailey!!!

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