Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tornado Warning for Hancock County

We got rocked. First, I haven't heard any reports of serious injury. However, in driving through
Hancock County after the storms and tornado that went through here Friday night, there is
a distinct path of destruction. We saw miles of utility poles that looked like this -- hanging, bent, completely
torn down. Then there were thousands of trees just shorn off half-way up. There are houses that are
missing most of the upper level and countless barns and outbuildings severely damaged or just
missing! One poor farmer's barn was strewn for 3 fields across the country mile. What a powerful

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cheriepasbjerg said...

Oh man, that looks bad, aImiss those storms though, we don't get them in NM

cheriepasbjerg said...

OK your story about Riley made me cry how awesome is God's power?