Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Schooooools out for SUMMER!

Oh - that was just last week (or so it seemed). Indiana doesn't believe in summer break so we're actually back at school already! First day yesterday for all of the punks. Bailey went of to the Intermediate school in her own personal bus...daddy's car! Her bus comes at 6:30 AM --- you read that correctly, folks, 6:30 AM!!!! Nathan (4th), Isabelle (2nd), and my sweet Nica (K) all got to ride with me to school. Oh yeah - I went back, too! I took a job as the DIBELS Instructor for the K/1 at our school. I'm pretty psyched. Since my actual job doesn't start until after labor day, I spent the day helping a class of 14 boys and 4 girls adjust to their first day of (all-day) Kindergarten. Those teachers don't get paid nearly enough. Trust me!
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Shannon said...

How old is Bailey?

cheriepasbjerg said...

Well, happy working ma ma, I just started last week, and let me tell you, with the running included and the gym, I was gone 30 hours! What a drag! Not gonna do that again!