Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Born Son

I loved you long before I ever laid eyes you. That's for sure. The first thing you ever did was surprise me - and your dad! Your sister was 8 months old when we found out you were coming. We got our first glimpse of you when you were still inside of my womb. You wiggled and posed for us just enough to let us know we were going to welcome a boy into our home. The cool thing was I already knew you were a boy. I guess you could call it intuition. If I recall correctly, your daddy offered to buy the ultrasound tech lunch if she could confirm you were, indeed, a boy! Yes, you fulfilled a longing in your daddy's heart for a son.

Ten years ago today I was falling completely and madly in love with you and memorizing every inch of your 8pound 6ounce little body. You were amazing. A little bit of reddish, curly hair - we called Papa Kellogg right away to tell him! You had the Kellogg nose, and a chubby little face. I drove the nurses crazy because I kept unwrapping the blanket to gaze at the wonder of you. It was snowing that day and your Grandma Kellogg, Aunt Saucie, and her friend Steve had quite a time driving from Michigan to meet you.

Bailey spent the day with Alicia. She got to eat ice cream for breakfast because she was getting a new baby brother! What fun for her! Daddy went to get her after dinner so she could meet you. You were born in the late afternoon and I missed my dinner! They had to order it late for me. Bailey showed up wearing her purple Teletubbie jammies and red socks. She was fairly interested in you - mostly in seeing if your nose was attached.

After everyone went home for the evening, you and I just sort of hung out and stared at each other. Okay, I stared, you slept. Being born is lots of work. You were and still are a miracle from God. It's amazing that He allowed me to be your mom. I had no idea that night, at I sat watching you breath, who you would be. I didn't know you'd be so kind, and gentle, and SMART! Boy are you smart. You've been such a fun little guy to know, and I look forward to the next ten years, getting to know even more of the wonder of you!
Welcome to double digits, my first born son. I love you as blue as the ocean.

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