Monday, March 23, 2009

I (heart) Faces Pouting Entry

Okay - I first must tell you that I have laughed and laughed while trying to find a photo to enter in this week's I HEART PHOTO contest. The theme is pouting and must use all natural light. Those of you who know my girls know that I had tons of them to choose from! I started out with one particular photo in mind, then kept coming to others. This one has to be one of my favorites. We took it last fall at a local park and despite what it looks like, we had a blast!

Hop on over to and check out the other great entries this week!

UPDATE: Okay - so I messed up! Hey - it's only my second time entering the contest! This week is actually JUST no flash - pouting is next week! Oh well - guess I'll pull out another pouting pic next week!
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Becca said...

haha oh well :-) great picture anyhow!

Melissa said...

pouting or not, it really is a great shot, and your granddaughters are beautiful!

Carebear said...

LOL on the mixup! But really - Wow - Great entry for No Flash week! I love the pose and the setting. Your grandkids are sure cute!

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Whoops! At least you have planned ahead:-) We'll let you enter this one again if you want...

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