Thursday, April 2, 2009

Scenes from a Local Spring Break

Almost all of my FB friends have been updating their status from the beach, indoor water park, or mountains. We watched Alice in Wonderland, then had a tea party with bunnies.
We played with lots of bunnies! (Thanks Ms. Lisa!)

We practiced saying "right back atchya!"

Took a trip to go railroad treasure hunting and the bread store, with a super hero, of course.

We went to the cool alley we like.
Looked out for bad guys in our little town of Gfield. Didn't find any.

Had a sleepover with a friend and a great-grandma, and in-house sister-sleepovers. Dollar theater. Cleaned poison-ivy infested trees and thistles along the creek-bed for two days - IN THE RAIN (no pictures, sorry). Looked for a found a missing kitten (7 hours later in the blanket chest). Dog to vet. Remembered both trash AND recycling days - that almost never happens. We might really go out on a limb and check out Conner Prairie today.

Hope you all are enjoying your spring breaks as much as we are! Free, family, fun. Except the itchy rash I now have from those two days along the creek - I could do without that.

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