Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh my yummy

So we did it. It's the session I've been really wanting to do for this really cool lady I know and her beautiful little girls M & M. Get it? M&M. Anyway - Little Miss M is two. She had no intentions of having her photo taken. Little did she know I have some tricks up my sleeve and we captured some fun personality shots, and even squeezed out a few smiles. Her big sister was a treat. She all but asked "where do you want me and what shall I do?" It was fun AND we got to explore the Indianapolis Museum of Art grounds. The place is packed with incredible photo ops. I'll never take two shot alike there. Then it happened. The dreaded thing of all things. My camera completely froze up, gasped, and died. It really must be one of the worst things that can happen to a photographer on a shoot. I'm not a fancy enough or well-used enough photographer to own a "back up" camera yet. So we were done. I guess the good thing is we get to meet again!

Can you see it in her eyes? I LOVE it!!
She was concentrating on the kid behind me blowing bubbles. I love the pensive look about her. The adorable outfit doesn't hurt either.
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