Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3 things you didn't know about me * MckLinky Blog Hop

***This is my first week participating in MckLinky Weekly Blog Hop. Should be fun!

So, I'm supposed to list three things you don't know about me. Could go many ways here.

1. I used to worry about the way I walked. Must have been around 7th, 8th grade. I thought I walked funny and was sure everyone else thought so too!

2. I used to plan to run away and take my younger sister with me. I would even pack a bag occasionally.

3. When I went to college I still thought everyone had good intentions, all of the Wesleyans at my university were perfect, and that I would meet the man I would marry there. None of that was true. Except I did meet my best friend/husband through someone I went to college with...so that was close. That's them above...been friends since the 2nd grade, those two. Now their kids are friends and they coach baseball together.***

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