Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Before, After, and Thank You

Today was the day!! Nathan got his braces off! This is the last photo of him with his tinsel, railroad tracks, mouth metal! I've grown attached to his braces in an odd sort of way. I'll miss them. He won't!

Here's the AFTER!!! Check out those awesome teeth!

Nathan earned points with Dr. Werner (little plug - check out the shirt!) for the fifteen months he wore his braces. He got points for wearing his shirt, keeping his teeth clean, cooperation, etc. He could have taken a gift card to any number of stores in the area. Instead, he chose to take the Starbucks card - and treated his dad to a drink! He told Chris that since he paid for the braces - he would buy him a drink. Such a good, good boy.

He's officially metal free. And lovin' every minute of it!
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