Friday, June 24, 2011

Not my usual style...

I was asked by a friend to do a 'formal' photo shoot. If you know me at know that is NOT my style. I'm not great at it and I'm really just more of a 'go with the flow' sort of photographer. But, this was worth the exception to the rule. These sweet girls' Great-Grandfather was a portrait photographer for years and has always done their pictures. However, he is not feeling well these days and Grandma wanted to update the portrait that is in their living room. So...I gave it the old college try. Big Miss R did a wonderful job and was a champ while we attempted to convince her 2 year-old sister, Little Miss R... to cooperate. I have some really funny outakes for sure.

The bad part about this photo shoot is that now Little Miss R is going to think it's okay to sit on the end table!

This rocking chair has been in the family for several generations and Great-Grandpa recently did some restoration work on it. I hear he was quite a fix-it man in his time!

These are the moments I love...the 'in between' shots of interaction and love. Little Miss R LOVES her Great Grandma and Papaw. Thanks for trusting me to try and capture some portraits for you Mr. & Mrs. A....I know mine could never live up to the work you once did, but I hope you love them just the same!
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