Thursday, May 8, 2008

I write about

rain, baseball, my cute (healthy) kids, vacations, dumb camera tricks. I live a charmed life. We are healthy. Every day we have food to eat. My kids have started telling me they are "starving" and I have started telling them that since they have had food today - they are not starving. Starving means you don't get food at all today, maybe not yesterday or the day before. They aren't buying it, but I'm still selling it.
Every night we go to sleep on a pillow, in a bed, in a warm room, under a safe roof. We can buy gas (not much, but some) and drive to the store. We put clean clothes on each day (if we choose). Granted, most days Nicholas pulls out the dirty baseball pants he wears EVERY day, but that's his choice.
Where am I going? I write about insignificant things, mostly. There are very real things that need attention. My husband has two friends that he graduated with that have lost children to cancer. I know of many more children who are living with and fighting cancer currently. One of them is Tyler Alfriend from Dublin, Ohio. Jump on his blog and read about him and then follow the links to some of the other people he knows battling cancer as well. Most of them are children, but one is Stef - check his story out. He's a dad with two small children and he's battling to see them grow up. There's a link on Tyler's blog to a petition. Read about it and sign it if you are so willing. I'm sure you can afford four minutes to check it out and sign it - people are DYING not because there isn't an answer - but the money isn't there to fund the answer. All it costs is a few clicks and your name to show you support more attention being given to research for childhood cancer. Tyler's dad keeps this blog and I'm telling you, he speaks eloquently and intelligently about the world of childhood cancer. It is far worse than I imagined. Parents should focus on supporting their children and helping them beat cancer, not fighting the system to get the right treatment for them when it is readily available. I'll get off my box now. Go read. Sign. Pass it on. Refuse to Lose!!

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cheriepasbjerg said...

So sad I will keep them in my prayers. I can't imagine, living thru that. Don't know if I could.