Friday, May 30, 2008

More Birthday Madness

Riley Megan Grandstaff turned four!!! When she was born we were told she failed her hearing test. No biggie. Did it mean much? Within two weeks of her birth she was hospitalized because she had a seizure and had been running a fever. We spent several days at Children's Hospital waiting and seeing. She never jumped or startled when children screamed around her, or doors slammed, or thunder rolled. Nothing. Nada. She couldn't hear. She ended being fine after the hospital stay and two mega drugs being pumped into her little body for days on end. She just couldn't hear. People around me began to ask me if I was worried about her being deaf. My gut level true answer was no. No way. You see, we were told early in my pregnancy that we had experienced a miscarriage. They were so "sorry for your loss" as they discharged me from the ER one night. Pretty cool thing that about 7 months later (and lots of pounds) we were blessed with sweet, perfect, beautiful Riley Megan. The theory? She has a twin waiting in heaven for her. Neither can I explain how the night before a major appointment to discuss what to do with our little deaf baby that when her brother slammed a door and she jumped and cried!!! Yeah! She's a miracle and has been since God weaved her together in the darkness of my womb. She is, indeed, fearfully and wonderfully made. Trust me, the girl is not deaf now, although there are times that I wish I was!!

Happy birthday sweet, loud, bossy one.

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