Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Play Ball!

We're back at it again. It's baseball season and here we go! Trial run last night - first night at the ball park and we survived, but I've got room for improvement.

water bottle for everyone (sidenote: bought CHEAP waterbottles and right after I filled them with purple koolaid - a treat - IMG dropped hers and it shattered on the tile floor!!! Yes, it did splash onto the new carpet and yes, the new carpet's claim to be stain resistant is true!)
crayons and books
"the bench" - photo soon!
tiny plastic toys to play in the dirt
wet wipes
princess potty chair (no potty at the park????!!!)
hand sanitizer

picked up BN's friend
picked up secret teacher gift stuff from room mom
picked up 30 nuggets to feed 6 kids
arrived on time to the ball park
delivered pull-over to ballplayer son
Set everyone/everything up.
Enjoyed awesome first game!
Visited with other ball moms and grandmas. Put out occasional sibling fires - quite a few actually (She's sitting on my chair. He's touching my red crayon. I want to go to the playground WAAAAAy over there by myself.)
Took many trips to the van so small people could sit on princess potty.
Emptied princess potty on nearby tree. Gross, I know.
Guess what! One time it was #2~!!! Even MORE gross! Not the worst poop story I could tell, though.

We lost the game. The camera battery went dead. And, I just realized right now (lunch time the next day) that I forgot to give chicken nuggets to the other son who rode with hubby. He didn't get dinner last night. Guess we'll have to count that bag of pretzels and bottle of kool aid he drank!!

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Shannon said...

Poor baby-didn't get supper.

I need to get myself a princess potty.