Thursday, January 18, 2007

Baby Steps

My nine year-old could probably do this better than me. Okay, that's not really true, since she's not even allowed to log onto the computer without supervision yet, but soon she'll pass me in the area of technical savvy-ness. I know that's not a word, by the way.
So, you can thank my good friend, Shaybe, for turning me on to this "blog" thing. She's an official blog stalker and has turned me into one as well. She actually encouraged me to create my own so that she could stalk mine, too. Thanks, S. By the way, do you remember the lady with white hair driving a mint green cadillac?
I'll do my best to be witty, entertaining, and honest on this thing. Seems like it could turn into quite an outlet for some of those moments I encounter when I don't know if I should laugh, cry, or both. Those of you with kids can relate, I'm sure!
Speaking of kids...I'm sure one of mine has done something funny today. Oh yeah, we decided to decopauge (not sure on that one) boxes today. Truly it was a selfish endevour desquised as a "quality time" activity with the kids. You see, we got these great boxes when our beef was delivered the other day - and I thought they would be perfect for putting junk (I mean treasures) in and sliding under the beds. Anyway. About twenty mintues into the project Nicholas decided to grab Riley's paintbrush, which caused her to poke him in the forehead, which caused her to almost fall off the chair, which caused me to jump to save her/stop her from jamming a paintbrush into his eye, which caused a large portion of the very large container with glue/water in it to spill on the table, run down the chair, and all over the floor. Oh, and I had about ten mintues to feed the kids and get Isabelle to Kindergarten on time. So you decide: laugh or cry?


ginare said...

To the question of laugh or cry: All depends -- did the glue fall onto the brand new table you just got? In that case, cry definitely. If it didn't, laugh because it could have happened on the brand new table.

Shannon said...

Hi C!
Looks like you are doing pretty good on this blog thing! I enjoyed reading your story about the kids, the glue, the whole funny family fiasco! (If you didn't get it by now, I "Laughed"!) It sounds like another day in paradise! Continue to share, it is so nice to hear from you. And, send more pics of your kids and YOU!! Miss you tons and love you lots!! Shannon PS I just met a girl in my Theater Class today, guess what her name is?? CRISSY!! I told her all about you---Love, Shannon