Friday, January 19, 2007

How many user names and passwords do you have? It took me at least ten minutes to sign on and edit my new blog this morning because, apparently, I have too many. I have tried to use the same user name and password on all of my online accounts - but some services don't accept the same user name for various reasons. Some require your password to have letters AND numbers - but I can never remember which ones do that. Needless to say, I have been "locked out" of my online banking account and others various times because I have used up my alotted number of logon attempts. That leads to the next problem. If you get locked out, you have to reset your password anyway, which leads to even more variations of the things I'm trying to keep consistent. I need a master list.

Today is Friday and I took the kids to get donuts at this fantastic little bakery-cakery around the corner. These two sisters run the place and it is cute as all get out - which counts with me for some reason. I have developed a friendly rapor with them and they have even allowed us to sit and eat our treats in their little cafe', and then run to the ATM to get the money to pay them. How cool is that? And, no, they don't take debit cards - yet! Anyway...if you walk in and smell the wonderful donuts, oatmeal cake (which I can personally vouch for), cakes, muffins, cookies.....I'm sure at least 2 pounds leap directly onto your thighs. No kidding. If you ever come visit me - I will take you there. Oh, except for you, Amy, you came and we didn't go. Next time!

We have lived in our new home for six months now. My question is this: Before we moved, I cleaned out every cabinet, closet, and toy box. Why is it that we have lived here this short time and I already have closets, cabinets, and toyboxes that need to be hauled out? I'm not kidding - I have three large piles on my stairs/landing right now that are designed for donation, ebay, and trash. It's crazy and I don't have the time for this! While I spend the morning rearranging stacks of no-longer-needed items - the rest of the house gets a makeover from the (Gcrew)3.

This too shall pass and one day I will have clean closets, tidy shelves, and no Little People dollhouse items to step on in the dark. I know I'll miss them.

Oh - and CONGRATULATIONS MEGAN KUCZORA!! She's heading to IU Med School! (That makes me feel very old. She was six when I first met her and her beautiful, kind, and completely awesome family. Good job, Pam & Paul! You have GREAT kids!)

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ginare said...

I can relate to the numerous user names -- especially being friends with you and having to have various accounts to view all your new endeavors. I do have a complaint. I've been there to see you many times and have heard about the bakery-cakery but never have I experienced it. I got Meijer donuts. When I come to decorate your rearranged house I'm charging you a trip to this place for my services -- in advance.