Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Mom Rule

There needs to be a universal rule against mom's getting sick. Sniffles and a minor sore throat - we can do that. But seriously?? How are we supposed to be the mommy when we can't get off the couch without turning white, nearly passing out, or vomitting on our slippers? I spent four days cleaning up after three children with the erping eepies. I took all the precautions. I washed every blanket, pillow, sheet, and towel in the house in hot water, bleached the bathrooms, religiously sprayed every doorknob, handrail, and light switch in the house and every non-fluffy toy in the house. I used "hanitizer" endlessly.
Do you know what I got? I got the slow-cooker version of the creepy erping eepies! Sidenote: My husband got the microwave version and was only sick for a mere 3 hours, then awoke to eat cake for breakfast. A fourth child in the house also got the microwave version and threw up once and uttered just enough complaint to earn an extra day home from school. It's been three days for me and I'm still surviving on jello and 7-Up.
It is so sad to lie face-down in the bathroom floor and realize that your little boys are very poor aims, the area around the toilet doesn't look like the bleach ever touched it, and somehow at that moment you don't even care. That is a sad, sad state of affairs, let me tell you.
I hereby declare that mommies everywhere shall hereunto be immune to all creepy erping eepies from now unto eternity.
You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Oh.... that sounds bad. I will pray that tom. you too can wake up and eat cake!

Anonymous said...

That's me... shaybe

Shannon said...

Hi C!
Seems no matter what region of the country you reside in, "the sickness" takes over! My oldest Brittany also has the cold/flu and it has not been fun at all!! Laundering still happening here too, can't ever keep clean sheets or PJ's on the kid! Have homemade chicken noodle soup simmering today---I have a feeling that won't look as bad on her white & pink ballerina quilt as spaghetti sauce might.....LOL!! I miss you!! Shannon