Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Twins!, originally uploaded by grand947.

I always wanted twins. I guess this it what it might have looked like!

So I got a call at work last night. It was the hubby explaining that Riley had, let's say, deposited her spaghetti dinner all over her bed and floor (off-white carpet that is now off-white and red). How many of you have husbands who are experienced in vomit clean-up? Mine is not. Now, don't get me wrong - I am NOT minimizing his amazing parenting ability or his efforts. However, this is not his strong area. I was an hour and a half from being home and this was going to be all him.
So, he scooped the comforter off the bed and deposited it in front of the washing machine - still fully loaded (the comforter, not the washer). He then cleaned her up and put her back to bed. She's two. She doesn't get to the bathroom to throw up. She doesn't even get it in a bucket put next to her. So, twenty minutes later he was summoned to the room again and promptly stripped off more bedding. In the middle of this he noticed there was also a "deposit" on Isabelle's bed - which is odd unless Riley got up, went to throw up on her sister, and went back to bed. Perhaps she was evening the score from something Isabelle may or may not have done to her earlier in the day.
So, when I arrive home I find Riley sitting in the bed with her daddy trying to talk her out of crying. It wasn't going well. The short end to this not-too-yummy story is that Riley and I watched Letterman and she slept on the ottoman while I dozed on the couch at a not-quite-fully-stretched-arm length away. I spent the night on erp patrol and made many trips to rinse the bucket and bring it back into position. It was a successful night in that we didn't have to change any more pajamas or bedding. Until....Nicholas apparently felt left out and began playing our little game about 5 a.m.
If posed the question laugh or cry on this one - I'm going with laugh because at least it wasn't twins playing this game!

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