Sunday, January 21, 2007

Coffee or Teef?

Coffee or Teef?, originally uploaded by grand947.

I cleaned the playroom today. Isn't it odd how a clean room attracts children like a bee to honey? Sadly, you couldn't see the carpet in this room when I got up this morning. I decided at some point to make it my project for today and I think it turned out quite well! There is a kitchen corner, all of the toys were dumped out of their buckets/baskets/tubs and completely sorted. That is like therapy to me, for some reason! I feel great because I completely cleaned one room in the house, and somehow haven't managed to get out of my pajamas yet. Did I mention that it is almost dinner time?
So, Riley came to try out the "new" room and her first question to me? "Mommy, do you wan coffee or teef?" I chose Teef because it made me laugh.

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Shannon said...

LOL!! Teef was a good choice, I don't think I would of passed that up either!! Very cute! By the way, did I ever tell you that I fell in love with the name Riley years ago?? I was so SHOCKED and HAPPY to see that you had a "Riley". I love it! And, that baby is adorable!! I tried getting my sister-in-law who lives in Miami to name her newborn little boy "Riley", but guess what she chose instead?? "Roanin"!! Cute, but Riley is cuter!!
Seems kinda weird that we both have a "Nicholas" in our hearts too! LOL!! I call mine "Nicky".
I miss you!